Local Zoning at Risk – Save the Date

Multiple bills in front of the state legislature are being driven by a focus of housing affordability being a critical social justice issue. The history of restrictive, single family zoning policies across the state of CT created what we have today. But that said the bills as written will drive increased density and housing. But they have little to no structure to ensure this increased availability of housing will be affordable. The result is that towns like Westport will be subjected to an increase in UNAFFORDABLE housing by superseding local planning and zoning oversight. Save the Date for a session on this topic Tuesday, April 6th at 6:30 to see a panel of local  and state representatives moderated by Dan Woog. Please check 06880danwoog.com for the information. The current planned officials include Westport chair of P&Z Danielle Dobin, State Representatives Thomas, Steinberg, and State Senators Haskell and Hwang.
Best regards,
Art Schoeller
Greens Farms Association