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So How Many Multi Housing Units Have Been Erected Between Bulkley and Roseville?

The Board has had several discussions on affordable housing and recently compiled a listing of all multi housing units along Post Road East. The units included are along the 2.1 miles which stretches from Bulkley Road to

Fall Pictures to Brighten Your Day

With winter coming any day now and the trees now leafless, perhaps these pictures from around Greens Farms this fall will brighten your day. Our thanks go to Karen Kramer for providing them to us.

Minutes November 2019 Board Meeting

Summary of GF Association November Board Meeting The Green’s Farms Association held their November Meeting on Wednesday, November 6th. Board members attending were the following: Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Dick Lowenstein, Bob Scholl, Judy Swann,

Using a nor’easter as an Educational Opportunity

Remember that nor’easter at the end of October? The Greens Farms Academy was able to use it as a learning experience for their students. Here you can see the sustainability class in the marshland near the school

Minutes October 2019 Board Meeting

Green’s Farms Association held their Board Meeting on Monday, October 7th. President of the Board Art Schoeller led the meeting. Board members attending included Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Bob Scholl, Dick Lowenstein, Norman Kramer, Judy Swan, Matthew

Vote Tuesday & Help Save the Trees

Remember municipal elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th. We hope everyone will take this opportunity to get out and vote. Many positions critical to the town such as Board of Education, Planning and Zoning, plus our

Greens Farms Church Service Day volunteers Re-set Headstones at the Lower Cemetery

Supervised by Greens Farms Church Historian Peter Jennings, 11th Generation Westport resident, great-grandson of Bessie Jennings, originator of the Jennings Trail, a group of church volunteers + backhoe + shovels + pulleys + additional mechanisms recently tackled

In Memory of Anne Beers

Anne Beers lived at 16 Morningside Drive South with her daughter Janet and her granddaughters, was a former board member of the Greens Farms Association. At 94 years of age she was an active member of the

Annual Meeting

Please come and join the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 14th 7:00PM, at the home of Lois Sussman, 12 Arrowhead Lane, just off Turkey Hill South. Our guest