Annual Newsletter

Virtual GFA Annual Meeting Notice

Please join the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 19th 7:00PM on Zoom. Please RSVP by sending an email to and you’ll get a link to the meeting. Our guest speaker will be the Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Danielle Dobin.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! We have room on the board for interested neighbors who want to help preserve this great neighborhood. Please contact me at We especially are in need of computer / web site and writing skills.

Recapping 2019 and a look into 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic impact is both global and local. As of the writing of this newsletter early plans for the state of CT is to start to open May 20th. So much has changed in our daily lives and the path back to whatever the “new normal” looks like remains a work in progress. The reduction of traffic in Greens Farms is a benefit, but job loss and impacts on local businesses is pretty dire. Please check out the Westport Chamber of Commerce web site ( for ways to support our local businesses. We hope the best for everyone staying safe and will continue to do what we can for the Greens Farms area. Personally I have still been able to walk to Burying Hill Beach or enjoy Sherwood Island State Park to get some moments of fresh air and exercise. We thank all our essential workers keeping us safe and supplied with what we need to shelter in place.

After a long battle to preserve 20 and 26 Morningside Drive led by Greens Farms United ( the original developer is calling it quits and has put the properties up for sale. This will require further monitoring to ensure the negotiated settlement won by GFU is adhered to by whoever purchases and develops these lots.

Affordable housing projects (8-30g) have been pretty quiet as we in the moratorium period. Our Planning and Zoning Commission has formed a sub-committee to see if they can stimulate development in order to qualify for the moratorium to continue. A preliminary concept to use some state property adjoining Hillandale and West Parish Roads was rejected by the state. We hope additional ideas can be generated and come to fruition before the moratorium lapses.

We continue to work with the town on the issue of traffic on Greens Farms Road, Progress is slow to encourage the town to show the results from the placement of an automated speed monitor and drive a more coordinated plan to ease volume and speed issues.

We are sad to report the loss of Greens Farms Living Magazine due to insufficient advertising revenue for N2N publishing. The magazine three year run provided a monthly communications vehicle, including some great articles contributed by Bob Weingarten on historic preservation.

The work to replace the Beachside Avenue bridge over I-95 has begun. We will monitor progress and the impact on our area.

Safety and traffic improvements for the Post Road called for the complete removal of trees in front of Stop and Shop. The Association hosted a meeting that brought together town and state representatives to raise awareness and encourage a modification of plans to save the trees.

It appears that development of individual homes on the Kowalsky property is moving forward as evidenced by recent filings with the Conservation Commission. We will monitor those plans to for adherence to conservation, environmental and zoning regulations.

Finally the ongoing saga about the repair or replacement of the Cribari Bridge continues. The Association continues to lobby for repair of the existing structure, both for its historical value and the traffic limiting role it plays because of its smaller size.

Annual Membership

Please consider sending your annual membership fee of $35 to Green’s Farms Association, PO Box 10, Green’s Farms, CT 06838. A strong membership allows the Association to better lobby on your behalf. You can also pay with PayPal at our web site,

Art Schoeller

President – Green’s Farms Association