Minutes of Green’s Farms Association
Wednesday April 8, 2020

Virtual meeting via Zoom
Attendees: Art Schoeller, Norman Kramer,Bob Scholl,Matt Spiegel, Judy Swann, Anne Hamonet and MaryAnn Meyer

1) Art opened the meeting and began asking everyone how they are doing under the new “normal” due to the Coronavirus. We all reported from our current locations in Westport, Middlebury, Florida, Rhode Island and Australia and everyone shared similar experiences of shopping, taking bike rides or walks and finally getting to all those previous neglected household chores.

2) Annual Meeting  May 12th at 7pm
Art and the Board members discussed ideas for the Annual Meeting which will be held via Zoom.  Our speaker is Danielle Dobin, Chairman of the P&Z Commission.

Postcards will be sent out to our membership with the date and time of the meeting. Members will RSVP via email and an invite to the Zoom Annual Meeting will be emailed to them. Art will write the the annual newsletter which will be posted on the GF Association website or emailed to our membership. UPS, Kinkos, Staples all have printing and mailing services that Art will look into.

3) Kowalsky Property
Peter Gold RTM District 5 alerted Art that the Kowalsky Property at 109 Morningside Drive South has an application for a public hearing with the Conservation Commission to amend the wetland map. The public hearing (virtual)  is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm.

The parcel is approximately 12 acres with out buildings, a barn and pond on the property. The Board will carefully monitor the process with Conservation as it is suggested that several single homes are planned for the site. Follow up as needed as more information becomes available. We will follow this proposed project as it makes its way through the system of Town approvals.

4) Einsel Property Update
Discussion followed regarding the Historic District/ Einsel Property. The lots have been reduced. Anne stated that the power washing on the barn/studio had started along with some painting. There has been little construction activity on the property as there have yet to be sales.

5) Greens Farms Church
Brief discussion about the restoration and new construction at the Greens Farms Church. The project is scheduled to begin this May 202 through Fall 2021.