November Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting held on November 10, 2020 via Zoom

Members Attending: Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Norman Kramer, Ann Hamonet and MaryAnn Meyer

Art opened the meeting and commented on the current numbers of Covid cases that continue to climb. The State of CT continues to monitor the cases and protocols continue to be enforced and modified as need be.

The Board meetings will continue to be virtual using Zoom.

RTM-5 Rep Karen Kramer reported that RTM-5 Greg Kraut resigned. Nicole Klein who ran in the November 2019 election was sworn in to fill the spot.

Congratulations to Nicole!

  1.  West Parish/DOT Proposed Project

P&Z seeks to acquire land from the State DOT to build moderate income housing units. The Board has voiced support in the Town’s efforts to provide more moderate income housing.

Art mentioned that our support was noted at a TEAM Westport meeting (somehow they may have come across the Board minutes). He received an email regarding our support from Alison Patton, the Pastor of Saugatuck Congregational Church who is on TEAM Westport.

As this project proceeds, the Board will carefully monitor the plan.

  • Cribari Bridge Update

The plan proposed for the Cribari Bridge will need to meet environmental requirements. The State has not yet completed the environmental report.

The State funding was turned down again by WesConn. These issues to restore or replace the Bridge will be addressed again sometime in 2021.

Meeting Adjourned

No December meeting scheduled

Next meeting Tuesday, January 5, 2021