Annual Meeting Minutes

Work Continues on the Green’s Farms Church

Green’s Farms Association Annual Meeting May 19, 2020

Due to Covid-19, the meeting was held via Zoom.

Board members and members of the GF Association participated along with Karen Kramer and Richard Lowenstein RTM-5 Representatives. Invited Guest Speaker: Danielle Dobin, Chairman of P&Z Commission.

Art opened the meeting and welcomed members to our Annual Meeting and  provided a recap of 2019 and issues affecting Green’s Farms. Many of these issues continue to be monitored in 2020.

  • 20-26 Morningside Drive South (The Historic District and Einsel Property)
  • Continued monitoring traffic on Green’s Farms Road and installation of speed sign has captured data on speed and traffic volume.
  • Several discussions with Dick Stein of the Tree Board and State Reps regarding the State’s Post Road expansion and possible removal of trees along Stop & Shop.
  • Board members attended meetings and provided input regarding the State of CT plan to repair and expand the Beachside Ave Bridge.
  • Kowalsky Farm property single home constructions will continue to be monitored in 2020
  • Cribari Bridge’s fate is uncertain and the additional traffic load on Green’s Farms Road it may present remains an important issue in 2020. The Board will maintain its presence at upcoming meetings.

Guest Speaker: Danielle Dobin, Chairman of Planning & Zoning Commission

Art covered several topics with Danielle. She began describing how the business of the P&Z continues during the pandemic. All meetings are virtual and Public Hearings continue via live stream  with residents emailing questions to the Board. It is a collaborative team effort from staff and all of Town Hall.

Danielle continued to discuss how the P&Z understood early their role with Covid-19 and undertook planning to protect residential zones adjacent to commercial properties, mainly restaurants that may require additional outdoor eating space. Safety and “being a good neighbor” were a priority as the administrative process outlined how many tables, protections for workers and patrons were discussed.

Other topics discussed were the trend towards more assisted living as there are several applications under consideration and the ongoing efforts for innovative and creative solutions to create affordable housing for families.This would protect existing schools and add to school enrollment which has recently been on the downsize. P&Z is also identifying Town owned properties for affordable housing to create a townhouse development with 2-3 bedrooms which would help meet State requirements for 8-30g.

Danielle complimented the Greens Farms Association for the important role they play. Developers  and applicants are aware of the reputation and value of the Association’s input. The thoughtful response from the GFA and open discussions have been effective and will continue to be as the Association works together with developers and Town Boards. Lower density along Post Road, enhancing the school system, maintaining open space and advocating for affordable housing are all important issues that GFA will continue to follow.