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Greens Farms Church Service Day volunteers Re-set Headstones at the Lower Cemetery

Supervised by Greens Farms Church Historian Peter Jennings, 11th Generation Westport resident, great-grandson of Bessie Jennings, originator of the Jennings Trail, a group of church volunteers + backhoe + shovels + pulleys + additional mechanisms recently tackled

In Memory of Anne Beers

Anne Beers lived at 16 Morningside Drive South with her daughter Janet and her granddaughters, was a former board member of the Greens Farms Association. At 94 years of age she was an active member of the

Annual Meeting

Please come and join the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 14th 7:00PM, at the home of Lois Sussman, 12 Arrowhead Lane, just off Turkey Hill South. Our guest