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July Board Meeting Minutes

Green’s Farms Association Minutes of July 2020 Board Meeting via Zoom. Members attending: Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Norman Kramer, Judy Swann, Matt Spiegel, and MaryAnn Meyer. Invited Guests: RTM-5 Reps Peter Gold, Karen Kramer, Dick Lowenstein, and

June Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Green’s Farms Association Board Meeting             June 9, 2020. Meeting held via ZOOM due to COVID-19 and need to observe social distancing. Members participating: Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman ,Norman Kramer, Judy Swann, Matt Spiegel and MaryAnn

May Annual Meeting Minutes

Green’s Farms Association Annual Meeting May 19, 2020 Due to Covid-19, the meeting was held via Zoom. Board members and members of the GF Association participated along with Karen Kramer and Richard Lowenstein RTM-5 Representatives. Invited Guest

GFA Mourns the Passing of Bob Scholl

It is with great sorrow that the Greens Farms Association announces the passing of Bob Scholl. He was a loyal and long time member of the association. You can find out more about his life and accomplishments

Green’s Farms Association Spring 2020 Newsletter

Virtual GFA Annual Meeting Notice Please join the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 19th 7:00PM on Zoom. Please RSVP by sending an email to and you’ll get

March Board Minutes

Minutes of Green’s Farms AssociationWednesday April 8, 2020 Virtual meeting via ZoomAttendees: Art Schoeller, Norman Kramer,Bob Scholl,Matt Spiegel, Judy Swann, Anne Hamonet and MaryAnn Meyer 1) Art opened the meeting and began asking everyone how they are

February Board Minutes

Minutes of February Green’s Farms Association Board Meeting. Green’s Farms Association held its Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 25th. Board Members Attending:  Norman Kramer, Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Matthew Spiegel and MaryAnn Meyer.RTM5 Reps Karen Kramer and Dick

January Board Minutes

Green’s Farms January Board Meeting January 29, 2020 Attending Members and GuestsArt Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Arie Adler (hosted), Judy Swan, Matt Spiegel, MaryAnn Meyer and DIck Lowenstein (RTM-5 Guest) 2) West Parish/Hillandale Road proposalP&Z is

So How Many Multi Housing Units Have Been Erected Between Bulkley and Roseville?

The Board has had several discussions on affordable housing and recently compiled a listing of all multi housing units along Post Road East. The units included are along the 2.1 miles which stretches from Bulkley Road to

Fall Pictures to Brighten Your Day

With winter coming any day now and the trees now leafless, perhaps these pictures from around Greens Farms this fall will brighten your day. Our thanks go to Karen Kramer for providing them to us.