Green’s Farms Association Board Meeting: August 2, 2021

Members attending; Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Norman Kramer, Birthe Shwisha,  Betsy Higgins, Mitch Higgins, Anne Hamonet, Liz-Ann Koos, and MaryAnn Meyer.  Karen Kramer RTM-5 was our guest.

1) Art opened the meeting by welcoming Liz-Ann Koos as the newest member of our Board.  Liz-Ann, a former attorney has been active in the community including Friends of Sherwood Island where she is President of the Board.

2) Discussion on communication avenues to boost GFA social media. Bitsy, MaryAnn and Matt plan to meet to look into other options to improve our social media to our membership and community.  Main objective is to provide interesting content and share information on events in Green’s Farms, engage Green’s Farms School PTA, feature historical sites and other sites of interests. Plan to connect social media to our website to help increase membership.

3) Morningside Drive South curb cut which has been opposed by GFA since the 1970’s was revisited again. Post Plaza is undertaking a major renovation to accommodate a new tenant, Amazon Fresh. The Fire Inspector, Nat e Gibbons requested that a temporary curb cut be allowed at Morningside Drive South for only emergency vehicle use during the construction. At the recent Board of Selectmen meeting, Inspector Gibbons stated that the curb cut would not be fenced in and access would be only for ingress. After further discussion, Gibbons revealed that patrons would also be allowed to use the entrance. Several neighbors stated their opposition to the curb cut.  RTM-5 Rep Karen Kramer spoke in opposition stating that the school safety was most important especially due to the high pedestrian traffic of children and their families walking to and from the neighborhood.  There is also high traffic during drop off and pickup at Green’s Farms Elementary School that needed to also be considered.  The Selectmen denied the curb cut request.  The Board remains ever vigilant on proposed curb cuts at the Post Plaza.

4) Proposed Cell Tower at Hillspoint and Greens Farms Road will be making its way through the Town approvals. Tarpon Towers has proposed a 124 foot tower on private property that they will lease. There are mixed opinions and nearby neighbors have organized to oppose the proposal which has yet to be presented. The Historic District Commission ruled against the cell tower stating that all of Green’s Farms is historic.

5) The Green’s Farms “archive” is currently stored in Lois’ basement and the Board will need to address how best to manage the archive.

 There will not be a meeting in September.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, 2021.  A reminder will go out at the end of September and at that time will determine if we can have an in person meeting or return to a Zoom meeting.