Summary of GF Association November Board Meeting

The Green’s Farms Association held their November Meeting on Wednesday, November 6th.

Board members attending were the following:

Art Schoeller, Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Dick Lowenstein, Bob Scholl, Judy Swann, Matt Spiegel, Norman Kramer, MaryAnn Meyer.

 RTM-5 reps Karen Kramer and Peter Gold also attended.

Art opened the meeting and congratulated the re elected and newly elected RTM-5 Reps including Dick Lowenstein, a Board member. Sadly, Dick will relinquish his seat on the Board but we are confident that Dick will continue his hard work for Green’s Farms and Westport.

Topics Discussed

1)  Now that the GF Living Magazine has ended publication, we are looking into other publications where Art will be able to be an occasional contributor and continue his column.

2) Concern regarding the Kowalsky Property on Morningside Drive South. The former Kowalsky home and barn appear to be vacant and are in disrepair. The Board will monitor Town notices regarding this property and any proposed developments.

3) It was brought to the Board’s attention the unsightly large pile of garbage bags left at the former Mobil Station property that is now for sale. Calls and emails to the Blight Board have been unanswered and next steps will be to contact RTM and Selectman’s Office if needed.

4) Update on proposed tree removal at Stop & Shop as the State DOT plans to widen the Post Road. The Board and RTM-5 rep Karen Kramer have been in contact with our State Reps.

The DOT is working on a meeting date to invite the community to discuss the proposal.  Will continue to monitor this issue as GF Association can be effective as this moves ahead.

5) Update on Einsel property on Morningside Drive South as the developer has put the 4 parcels up for sale. The services for electricity, sewer and water are now available on the property and the Studio has been moved to the same parcel as the Einsel historic house.  The Board will continue to follow the sale of the parcels which will be sold “as is” and assure that the court agreement between the Town and the developer are enforced.

6) Discussed the DOT proposal to improve the Route 7 interchange and the Board will continue to follow the progress on this.