Green’s Farms Association held their Board Meeting on Monday, October 7th. President of the Board Art Schoeller led the meeting. Board members attending included Lois Sussman, Birthe Shwisha, Bob Scholl, Dick Lowenstein, Norman Kramer, Judy Swan, Matthew Spiegel and MaryAnn Meyer.

Topics Discussed

1) Save the Trees

Reviewed the progress on the potential redesign of the proposal by the State DOT to widen the Post Road near Stop & Shop. The Board has been in contact with local and State officials to gain support to save the trees along the Post Road. The State DOT may reconsider tree removal to accommodate the proposed widening of the Post Road near Stop & Shop. GFA Board will continue to follow up with local and State officials as the proposal makes its way through the DOT process.

2) School Redistricting

The Board of Education may be considering school redistricting to create a better balance of student enrollment in the two middle schools. As the Board of Education is up for election in November, the GFA Board will continue to monitor this issue as new members of the Board of Ed are elected and new proposals are presented.

3) Governor Lamont’s Task Force on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) for Fairfield County

The newly created Task Force on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) will address the need for CT to act to meet the demands of our workforce and businesses for TOD in order to avoid continued decline in population and talent drain that will impact the State’s ability to remain economically competitive in our region. The Task Force brings together leading regional influencers from the public and private sector with decision makers from key State agencies. The Task Force has 28 members. The GFA Board will keep the Task Force in their sight as they develop proposals that may affect our area.