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We appreciate your support and look forward to your input on how to help keep Greens Farms the special neighborhood we know and love.

Our association is known and respected by the folks at Town Hall. When we speak or ask questions at a public hearing, our high membership numbers mean our questions and comments carry weight.

Your membership dues allow the GFAssoc to exist and remain influential in the community. Dues pay for mailings, meetings and events, and our legal counsel and representation. Our Board of Directors works on a totally volunteer basis.

The Board of Directors welcomes your questions and concerns. If you have new neighbors, please share a copy of the newsletter with them and encourage them to join the organization.

Dues are $35/year from June – June. With your membership, you will receive regular email updates on the issues affecting Green’s Farms. You are also welcome to contact GFA board members at any time to bring up issues of concern to you.